Triggering a Policy

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Hi All,

Is it possible to trigger a policy based on a time stamp from a plist?
scenario - I deploy a policy/script that creates a plist with a time stamp.. and based of that time stamp i want to deploy a new policy after the time has elapsed ..



Sounds like you could do it with a launchdaemon. Timestamp alone isn't going to trigger anything, since that's just a passive bit of data.

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What are your specific requirements? I don't think the way you're describing is the way to go, but if you could provide a few more details about what you're specifically trying to accomplish then I'm sure we can help.

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@Chris_Hafner - Thanks for coming back.. I think i got it sorted ... changed my tactic lol

Basically I was looking to create a extension attribute based on the time stamp of a plist and finding the days between the system date of a machine ..
Scenario - I deploy a policy that already creates a plist with a time stamp .. I then compare this time stamp with the system date and display this number as a EA .. then create a smart group based on this number that will then in fact deploy another policy .. Complex I know but.. I have it working πŸ™‚