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I expect I know the answer to this, but... just in case anyone else smarter than me figured out an approach: I'm looking for a way to create a smart group that basically says "Computers with App more than "x" version out of date. The scenario I'm wor...
Anyone using the "install-or-defer" scripts for MacOS updates? Using it successfully here, but want to switch to using the config profile option and have a few questions.
Embarking on a project and deep enough into it that I want to make sure I'm not overlooking (a lot of) things. Company currently has two Jamf instances. Two divisions of the company, let's call them "A" and "B", each with their own JSS, both cloud-ho...
Setting up a couple of new SS policies. Both policies using the same script, just different values passed, one was literally cloned from the other and values for $4 changed. Issue is that one policy DOES show the description, and one does not. We hav...