Trouble enrolling iOS devices in JSS

New Contributor


Has anyone observed odd behavior during the JSS enrollment process of iOS devices? We are seeing weird things, in which devices do not always get the normal three profiles (CA, MDM, Self-Service), even though the final installation message on the device shows "Enrollment complete."

We recently updated our JSS from 8.5 to 8.6.2. It is running on a linux server.

Since the upgrade, these enrollment problems have started occurring. I recently wiped out three iPads completely and reenrolled them:

  • One of them had two CA certificates, one MDM profile, and no self-service clip
  • One had one CA cert, one MDM, and no self-service clip
  • One had two CA certs, one MDM, and one self-service clip

Looking the database, I have seen two kinds of indicators of errors. Sometimes, there is no record at all of the device. Other times, there are missing or incorrect field values in the record for that device.

JAMF thinks this could be a networking issue, while our IT contractors think that this problem is an iOS 6 / JSS issue.

I would love any input or suggestions.