Troubleshooting: PreStage Enrollment Not Skipping Setup Menu Items

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I have a PreStage Enrollment that is set to skip all setup menu items but it always displays "Select your time zone" screen and nothing else. Its as if its not respecting my selections. According to Jamf this is expected behavior but In the past I had it skip all and it worked. Now it will always display "select your time zone" which allows users to enable location services which we do not want. The Mac is skipping user account creation and binds with AD so I would like it to skip all setup items and go straight to the login screen without displaying any additional pages.

I have cloned, deleted, and recreated the PreStage but the issue persists. I have also renewed my DEP token and unassigned and reassigned devices to the new PreStage. Running Jamf Pro v.10.6 and MacOS 10.13.6 and its happening on all Macs new and old.

Has anyone else had this issue?
What items do you skip in your PreStage enrollment?



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It's an old thread, but I am having this same issue lately.

Did you ever find a solution?


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This is actually how it's expected to run, you can't skip region selection and a few other prompts. This is due to Apple's limitations, and what they allow Jamf and other MDM providers to manage.