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So my employer just got new computers and I noticed that they have Jamf installed to manage them. Me being stupid I removed it by typing something along lines of /usr/local/bin/jamf removeFramework and now self service is gone. I did some research and found out that my employer can literally do anything to this computer remotely with this software and I began to freak out and wonder if they will notice its gone. If so, how can I reinstall it? I have some other coworkers who were considering doing this but they didn't, so could I copy the files from them?



You'll need to use the install package specific to your employers JSS. I'd suggest notifying IT.

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Hi. So, while its true the Casper Suite can be used to do a lot to a computer remotely, its almost never used for anything nefarious. That's simply not why anyone buys it. Most organizations get it to be able to keep your computer up to date, in good working order and to offer new software installs through Self Service and other avenues, and in some cases to keep your personal and company data safe. So there's nothing to fear in having it on your Mac. If you have concerns, you should talk to your IT department about it to get more clarity (if they are willing to do it) on how they use it.

As for getting it back on, I'm afraid you cannot just copy a few files over to your Mac to get it back in working order. You're going to need to reach out to your IT folks for assistance in getting it back on there. They will know what to do (I would hope)
Also, as for them noticing its gone from your Mac, I can't say for sure, but there's a good chance they will notice it eventually. Honesty is going to be the best avenue for you to take here. Just admit you got nervous, removed it and want to get back under management. Trying to hide it or ignoring it probably won't go over well once they figure out your Mac is not communicating with the Casper environment anymore.

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I would have gone to HR or his manager to have him explain why he removed my IT tools. In our organization IT owns all devices that are connected to the network. Sometimes the user gets confused. They say things like "can you do such and such to my mac?" While it's true they normally have exclusive access to the mac, it's owned by the organization and if they want to see what your doing then the user has no recourse, but as @mm2270 pointed out It really has no reason or desire to monitor your actions, unless directed by management.