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It’d be great if there was a link to a “virtual hallway” to catch up with others who we may have forgotten their name but could recognize in a virtual chat room. The social aspect is sorely missed during virtual JNUC.
I have a profile that was deleted from my JSS, but the devices that were associated with that profile, weren't un-scoped first. Now I need to remove the profile from the devices. Any suggestions on how to remove it?
All our Mac's are on one JSS and all our iPads are on a second JSS. We use VPP, but so far only have distributed apps on the iOS side. A Mac app was just purchased, and after scoping it to the Mac in question, the install fails, and Self service give...
We have set up restrictions for specific users to have apps revoked, but they never go away. The free apps revoked just fine, but the paid apps are still assigned, and we can't delete the users until the apps are revoked. Anyone having this issue sin...