Twin Cities/Minnesota Mac Admins Group Starting

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Hello Everyone,
As was announced at the Macbrained event during the #JNUC, there is a Twin Cities Mac Admins group organizing. We're looking at getting the first meeting going in January. This will be a general Mac Admins group for admins from all types of organizations, not just a 'commercial' or 'education' group. We all see many of the same challenges and experiences so we hope to start fostering a larger community in the area not tied to any vertical. Have questions, you can hit us up here, or on Twitter. Folks getting involved are: @talkingmoose][/url @brysontyrrell][/url @lashomb][/url and myself.

Start watching the Twitter handle of: @MSPMacAdmns for details!


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I am in! Here are the Minnesota people I met up with at the JUNC2014 -

@cdev @azbikowski @jacob_salmela @Goober22 @acaveny @bmike @amfarrell @Josh.Smith @

Lets get this party started!

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I'm in

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Sounds good! Thanks for organizing this.

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Please keep me posted about this meetup! I'd love to attend!

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I would love to attend as well, even though I am in Duluth. With enough notice, my employer may support the occasional trip to attend an event. Thanks for organizing!!!

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I'll be watching out for meetup dates/times and hopefully will be able to attend some.

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Im in!

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Please keep me informed. I’d love to join in.

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Yes please. Looking forward to a formal get together whether it's quarterly, every two months or monthly. Go @MSPMacAdmns :-)

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I am in as well.

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Hey guys,

Be sure to spread the word around. I know we had other people posting on JAMF Nation during the JNUC wanted to get a community going for Minnesota/Twin Cities and its really exciting to know there's a desire to have something regular where we can network, share ideas, voice our challenges and learn some new things.

When @talkingmoose @john_wetter @lashomb and I got together to talk about forming a group the idea of what has accomplished was really appealing. They meet once a month, members host the event and different venues each time, and different people step up each month to present on something they did or discuss a topic they feel is important. There were a lot of ideas kicked around to make it so we could all get the most out of our time each meeting and be sure to post here or tweet @MspMacAdmns with your own.

He's been pretty busy lately but I'm hoping Will pops into the thread! We want to get the first event organized for January after the rush in Edu calms down.

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This is great. I'm totally in.


I'd like to join in when I'm around.

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John Wetter,
Please respond to me at I've been trying to reach out to you on other media to coordinate efforts.


Glad to see all the enthusiasm, especially as far away as Duluth!

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This is really exciting. I'll definitely attend.

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New to Mac management but love to learn and be sound board.

Have any dates been set?