Two VPP Accounts, Same Mobile App deployed to different devices.

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In my environment we have two separate VPP for education accounts and we just converted our second VPP account for managed distribution. We want to deploy one app, under two different Mobile Device App instances to different Smart Groups using separate VPP accounts in the drop down tab. Now that we have both VPP accounts in the JSS I went ahead and purchased the additional licenses for the app under the second account. Upon scoping out the new instance of the app for Self Service distribution we noticed that our original instance removed and started to re-download on the other devices. We don't have anything set for automatic distribution or auto update. Has anyone seen anything like this or have a similar setup for two VPP accounts in the JSS?



I haven't seen that before, but you could mitigate that by using the Sites feature as each site can have separate VPP accounts and will allow your JSS instance to have duplicate apps served by different VPP accounts.

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What version of the JSS are you running? There have been issues with duplicate apps in past versions, but they're all meant to be fixed in 9.96.

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Is your JSS auto-adding apps from VPP? I'd imagine you'd have some problems in that case.

We have about (how do you convert "half a butt load" into numbers...) 19 VPP accounts for our consortium. That means if we have 7 VPP accounts that need to distribute iMovie with device-VPP, we have to add 7 records for iMovie into our app catalog and specify each VPP account.

The only trouble I've come across is that if you set one record to update automatically, it will update all managed versions of that app regardless of where it was scoped from. That and the API yells at you if you try to add an app with the same version and bundleID. It doesn't do it in the GUI.


We're currently dealing with this issue as well as several others directly related to this... If anything is done to update App A using VPP A, App B using VPP B will be reinstalled on all devices scoped to it. This is all still happening in 9.96... It's a HUGE issue when we have 2000+ devices that all start reinstalling a 500MB app all at the same time. It brings our network down for a whole day and that makes the teachers and administration very angry... :|

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What does your caching server infrastructure look like?

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I have multiple VPP accounts and each needs to scope paid apps to their
particular school. I have the same app purchased by 2 schools. VPP 1 has 80 apps. All 80 have been scoped and are in use. VPP 2 has 20 apps and need to be used. However, when I scope to the VPP2 devices, and check the VPP2 account, the app is removed from 60 iPads that once had it, bc it’s only using the 20 from VPP 2, and seems to be forgetting about the 80 from VPP 1. How can I use ALL app credits and separate by the schools who need them? Thank you!