UEFA European Championship Qualifications 2016


Dang, Swedens game against Moldova is on the 12th...


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Awesome to see some other Soccer/Football/Futbol fans organizing some get togethers at the JNUC! If you are in town early and looking for places to watch the matches before the JNUC starts a couple suggestions I would make would be Brit's pub, The Local or The Nomad World Pub. Brit's and the Local are probably the easiest to get to if you're staying in Downtown or near the Guthrie but I'm partial to the Nomad myself. I'm sure there's a few other places you could go to but those three usually keep lists on their websites of what games they'll be showing and they often open early for matches.


Nice, but we arrive in Minneapolis 6:05pm (1:05am Swedish time) and the game is on at 6pm Swedish time, which means it's well over when we land :(
Too bad, it's the last game of the qualifacation and could be very important... :)
Let's hope for some good games on the 13th too!
I think it was JNUC2013 when the EMEA gang got together and watched the World Cup qualifications :)