System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection causing config profiles not to push

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So we are having an issue with our configuration profiles not pushing over our network, and we, with the help of JAMF support, have tracked the issue down to SCEP. Computers without SCEP can receive new profiles and changes to profiles, but computers that have SCEP are stuck with whatever configuration profiles were scoped to the machines when they were enrolled. In essence, we can test the issue by performing a sudo jamf removemdmprofile then sudo jamf mdm.

We have attempted applying some exclusions within SCEP, but they don't seem to work after a restart.

We install SCEP in unmanaged mode straight from the .pkg.

I'm curious to know if anyone has had issues like this with SCEP. We've opened a support ticket with Microsoft but aren't hopeful.


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We're also using System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection for our Mac's and we're not seeing this issue.

We took the hidden Installer.pkg and gave it a priority of 19 (lower would fail).

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We're using SCEP in our environment too and aren't seeing this behavior that we've noticed. Like @Abdiaziz we're using the hidden installer inside the provided .DMG without any modifications.

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The hidden install is what we are using and I do have the priority set to 19. Microsoft has told us that SCEP for Mac is simply rebranded ESET.