Unable Apps not install completely

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i have wiped aroung 60 ipads and enrolled to jamf pro, but many apps are not installled on ipad. 

i have insert picture, please look on app called IXL. this is example only.

This app installed on another ipad , but here it is not. Application not installedApplication not installed


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It looks like you're doing an iCloud restore as you have the cloud symbol next to the app name. This means data is in the cloud for this app but the app itself isn't installed. This usually happens when the app doesn't see there is a license for it when doing an iCloud restore as it takes some time to associate a license with an app. I think in the past people have said re-scoping the app to the device will force a re-install.
we've stopped doing iCloud restores because this just becomes a big problem and going through each and every app trying to force them to install just isn't worth it.

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I don't believe that symbol is exclusive to iCloud. We do not use iCloud for any of our iPads and I have seen that symbol next to app names when there are failed downloads and the iPad has been restarted. I think it is more likely the symbol just means the app needs to be downloaded, and only acts as a placeholder. For reference, the same symbol is in the app store for apps I have "purchased" in the app store for my MacBook.

Although, I agree about re-installing to fix the issue. This is what we've had to do if restarting the iPad does not correct it.

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I am also encountering this issue. Don't know why its happening?