Unable to Download App Notability

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Error: could not be downloaded at this time. I am getting a great deal of help form support but wondering if anyone else has the same experience? Then it goes to "you must purchase this in the app store". We have already done a purchase. We have checked the token too.


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This happens to me when the VPP license monitor takes longer than usual to verify all the licenses. Also check the number of available licenses in your app catalog/scope.

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did u find any solution?

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I ran into a situation with Notability where it gave me the iOS version of the app instead of the macOS version that I requested from VPP. That may not be the case here, but figured it's worth mentioning. I sent Apple biz support a screenshot showing that I selected the mac version on VPP, but my receipt said it was iOS. They ended up having to refund/convert to the proper version in order for it to work because it was categorized incorrectly on the portal.

I'm having the same issue and so far, support seems to not be helpful.