Unable to get macbook to register with intune

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Hi all, 

I am trying to get a macbook registered with intune, it was all working fine until last week and then we slowly started having issues with devices getting conditional access errors when trying to use outlook and teams. 

Looking into it, seemed to be that the issue is that the APNS cert for intune expired yesterday. However, we reupped that cert it is now all good, but I still can't get new devices to register with intune, and jamf is also being weird with Azure registration, as it says the device is registered with azure but the pop up requiring you to register it keeps showing up on the macbook. 

I can see the device in azure, but it never registers with intune. But then also I have machines that do show up in intune but users still getting the conditional access errors when trying to use teams/outlook! On the fresh built mac I have I get the Authentication for JamfAAD pop up but it never actually tries to sign me in. 

Anyone who could point me in the right direction would be a real help as I am just going round in circles!



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I've had multiple problems similar to this, luckily not with expired APNS certs.
I would recommend removing the device in AzureAD as well before reattempting registration. At worst, you may need to uninstall company portal, remove all keychain traces of Microsoft and Workspace Join Key, reinstall Company Portal and re-register. 

Thank you, however it turned out that it was only on Intel based mac's and that was down to the policy having intel mac's set to be excluded, removed that and all good! but it led to us finding out the cert needed renewing so it worked well!

Thanks again!