Unable to install known-good DMG

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

I've had a policy and FileMaker Pro package that has been working for years until the latest updates to the Casper Suite. Now any time it attempts to run the policy and install the dmg it fails and says it can't find the package.

First thing I tried was just to remove the package from the policy and try to re-add it. When trying to re-add it the JSS would hang.
Next I tried re-indexing the package and re-adding to the policy - same result.
So I tried renaming the package to remove a slash from the name, uploading the new one, indexing, and now when I try to add that package to a brand new policy it acts as if it's added until I click Save, then it disappears again.

Has anybody else experienced similar issues?

*EDIT* I am experiencing this with ALL policies, new and old. I try to configure packages to install, click save, and they disappear from the Options sidebar.