Unable to install update - flashing constantly

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Since last week every iPad gets a flashing box (see below) of an update that's failed.

No-one is able to exit out of the error despite hitting OK multiple times. As a result this renders every iPad unusable.

Powering it off and on again solves it; however, anywhere between 10-60 minutes it's back again!



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The is a PI on this issue.  Reach out to support to run the "work around".

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from Jamf After reviewing the results from our cloud team, I found our problem is caused by the known issue PI111225 - Looping OSUpdateStatus and ScheduleOSUpdate commands after the OS download completes. 

Thank you. I raised a case. I tried to upgrade from 10.45 to 10.46 but it wouldn't let me, therefore I've made contact with support.