Unable to rename Apple TVs anymore.

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Forgive me if this has been posted and I've missed it. I've found similar issues but all were a few years old.

I'm on Jamf Pro 10.25.1-t1602899070.

We have seemingly lost our ability to name mobile devices. Specifically Apple TV's in this case though when I checked on an iPad that didn't work either.

We still have access to the same steps. Inventory Tab - General - Edit - Enforce Mobile Device Name - change name - Save.

All of that goes normally, however if we then look at the history tab we don't see the name change command in pending, completed, or failed. It's like it just disappeared. All other management commands are working normally.

I've confirmed with my administrator (whom seems to be the only one that still can name them) that none of our team's rights have been changed. We first noticed it after going to the version we are on now but we don't know for sure if that's ultimately related or not.

Any ideas?


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Looks like it's the Send Mobile Device Quota Size command. When that permission was given to me it started working. It sounds like the command is confused/swapped with the Send Mobile Device Name Command

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I'm unable to use names from the list as part of the PreStage deployment.

Support had me remove the restriction profile we have on a test AppleTV device and still, it will not use the name from the list.
I asked them if there is a PI for it and they say no.

To rename you need to allow that in restrictions if you have them in place.