Unable to rename iPad's in Jamf Pro

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Hey all,


Just getting my feet wet with Jamf Pro and had a newbie question for you folks.  I'm trying to rename a iPad in Jamf Pro but I'm finding when I edit general information I can only modify the asset tag of the device.  It's the only field in General information I can edit currently.


I've dug through some documentation and uncovered https://docs.jamf.com/10.36.0/jamf-pro/documentation/Mobile_Device_Inventory_and_Criteria_Reference....where it suggests that the mobile device name is "...editable for supervised devices only when Enforce Mobile Device Name is configured."  I haven't been able to determine if this directly relates to my issue or where the setting is located, but I have identified a restriction in one of our configuration profiles called "Modify Device Name" which is set to Allow - perhaps that needs to be changed?  If so what would be the consequences for end users?


Thank you.


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In Jamf Pro, pull up the device record and from there go to

Inventory tab (on the top)
on the right scroll down and look at Enrollment Method
Should be set as PreStage enrollment most likely, follow the link there.
In the PreStage do you define
Mobile Device Names > Enforce Mobile Device Names (checked)

The PreStage defines some settings that are set at enrollment. The settings defined in the PreStage enrollment are set for the duration of the time the iPad is enrolled.
If modified, would trigger after erase and enroll.
You may also want to create a different PreStage enrollment to test settings on, then unassign this iPad from the current PreStage and assign it to your test settings PreStage.

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Even when "Modify Device Name" is restricted via a config profile you can still edit the device name from Jamf Pro. This setting just controls being able to change the name directly on the iPad.

To check if the device is managed/supervised, go to the device > Inventory >General. You'll see some device details including Managed and Supervised. 

Another thing to check is to make sure your JSS account has the correct permissions. Go to Settings > System Settings > Jamf Pro User Accounts & Groups > Jamf Pro Server Actions. Scroll down and check you have "Send Mobile Device Set Device Name Command" ticked on.


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Indeed, @RLR brings up valid points.
Do you have full access to your Jamf or tiered access?

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@RLR is on the right track - devices need to be Managed AND Supervised to allow setting the device name.

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Thank you all for your insight.  In the example I'm working with the device is managed but not supervised.  I can also add that the is was user-initiated enrollment; it doesn't appear to have followed the PreStage Enrollment method, which I'll look more into. I believe I have full access to Jamf, I'm not thinking this is permissions-related but I'm also new with it.  We have many iPad's that were onboarded via PreStage enrollment which do appear to be able to be renamed, which is great! 


I think my question shifts to is there ways to make a user-initiated enrolled device supervised.  https://docs.jamf.com/jamf-now/documentation/Supervision.html appears to have some suggestions on that, I'll take a look and ask a different question if I run into trouble.


Thanks again to you folks for your replies, its been super helpful.