Unable to sign into Onedrive with Business Account

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Anyone else had any issues signing into a Onedrive for business on a M1 Mac on Ventura ?

Same package on an intel machine works fine , tried even on a 4G connection and just can't get it to sign in ?


Error just says Sorry, we can't add your "Onedrive - xxxxxxxx Folder right now. Please try again 



given One drive fill write permissions , updated OS and latest installer , even on a 4G connection 


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What version of OneDrive are you using?

Microsoft maintains an older "stable" distributed with 365/Office and a current version.


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OneDrive works fine for me, though if you are not running an outdated version of OneDrive odds are really high its a Tennant configuration issue.

What I'd try:

  • Grab a new copy of OneDrive and install Manually
  • Disable/exclude any Configuration Profiles targeting com.microsoft.OneDrive
    • If this works review your configuration profiles
  • Try with a different account on the same device
    • If this works rebuild the user profile
  • Try on a different device with the account having issues
    • If the user works on another device, reinstall macOS
  • If it still does not work, escalate over to the Azure/M356 team that controls the OneDrive configuration in Azure.
    • All of OneDrives configurations pull down when you enter your UPN beyond a few seeings that can be managed with a Configuration Profile.
    • There are also many levels in the network stack where issues can happen.
      • SSL certificate redirection
      • DLP tools preventing the file sync
      • so on