Unable to view Jamf Policy

New Contributor II

We've got an old policy that is causing a timeout/hang. Viewing it through the web portal (https://jamf.url....../policies.html?id=284) hangs and doing lookup for from terminal;

$ sudo jamf policy -id 284
$ no policies were found for the ID 284

We believe its an old deleted policy from last year based on the policies 283 & 285 but it must be referencing something (maybe a script) that no longer exists.
Anybody got any ideas on how to query what it is, maybe to amend and properly clear it out the way?
(interestingly, we also checked a lot of random number policies, only to discover they were old, previously disabled and deleted policies with a naming convention of:

<CreationDate> | <CreatorUsername> | <MachinesInScope>

Should these still be listed? is there a MySQL cleaning tool we can utilise to fix?
Any help, advice gratefully received.