Uninstall Connect Control Client for Mac

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Looking through the documentation, I couldn't find a way to easily remove the ConnectWise Control Client. Created the script below to help anyone who uses the app. Please add your control client's unique id where the "x's" are. 




# Brandon Woods
# August 2021
# This script uninstalls the Connectwise/Screen Connect client. No reboot required.

# Unload Connectwise LaunchAgents

sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchAgents/connectwisecontrol-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-onlogin.plist
sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchAgents/connectwisecontrol-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-prelogin.plist

# Remove Connectwise LauchAgents

sudo rm -v /Library/LaunchAgents/connectwisecontrol-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-onlogin.plist
sudo rm -v /Library/LaunchAgents/connectwisecontrol-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-prelogin.plist

# Quit Connectwise Application

sudo killall ScreenConnect Client 

# Remove Connectwise Application

sudo rm -rv /opt/connectwisecontrol-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.app

# Check for remanants of Connectwise LaunchAgents

sudo ls -la /Library/LaunchAgents/screenconnect-*

exit 0
exit 1 




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Looks good. Going to try it out. Do you know which plist is the one that opens to allow screen recording? We have a configuration profile that allows that and only want the user to enable it when we remote in but sometime even after remoting in it still continues to open even after approving. So I rather just remove it so it no longer prompts user to approve it.

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@user-kMDjUsheqD  I'm seeing the same thing on my side, which is why I haven't deployed it yet. I can't find any information about what control that prompt. I'll keep looking though.

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Thanks Brandon! This worked great.