Uninstall Script for MatLab

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Has anyone got a uninstall Script for MatLAb that we can use?

I told the user to just remove it from application folder but since the users are not Admin's on the mac they are no able to do it.

If we scope this in self service with a script Jamf might be able to remove it completely .


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If it includes an uninstall file, just open <path of the file> to uninstall. It it doesn't come with one, I'd use "rm -rf" on my script. 

something like...

rm -rf "/Applications/TheNameOfTheApp.app"

rm -rf /path of other folders or plists (if you know). I use to used AppCleaner to find the paths and put them in the script. 

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This looks good i requested the package from the user so that I can find the path of all the application files and then write up a script. Hopefully, it will be useful for others.