Automatic schedule to turn an iPad on and off.

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Is it possible to have 8 iPads turn on at a specific time and turn off at a specific time?


We use Sign in for visitors and need to have the iPads on from AM to PM. Can this be done remotely or via a script?

I can also turn them off with the advanced search, can this be done on a specific time? Or do they need to be done by me manually, every time I want them off?


Thanks, Browner.



Im' exploring Screen time, wondering if that could do it. With a Mac, you can set turn on and off times...but don't see it on iPad....

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As in set a limit on how long they can use that app for every day? 

What happens if you use kiosk mode with screen time set? I would assume it would still show the app covered by the 'You've reached your time limit' notification. Has any one tried this?


Thanks, Browner