Uninstall WebEx Plug-In

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Hi all,

WebEx plug-in is per-user. Does anyone have an existing script to do an uninstall? I'm thinking the script would basically loop through ever user directory and delete it, but not sure if there is a better way. Cisco does have an uninstall app, but it's interactive and i can't find an argument to run it silently. The manual steps are:

~/Library/Application Support/WebEx
~/Library/Saved Application State/WebEx



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Im kinda looking for something similar but I need to Unistall all Webex software from the machine. If I get any recomendations / scripts on my post I will share that with you.


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@cgarc28 @Jason were you able to remove the webEx plugins for all users?

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Looking for an answer to this as well. The link above takes you to the Cisco page walking through a single user uninstall, but does not provide details from a deployment stand point. We are working to run the newest version of WebEx Desktop Meetings app as well as the now split out WebEx Productivity Tools. Best practice would be to remove any older versions, however other than manually removing it, I am not locating a good method for removing before installing. I have tried creating a .pkg file using composer to do the remove, but it doesn't seem to work.

Any assistance or suggestions would be appreciated!


I'm dealing with Citrix, not Cisco, but I just have a simple little script that rm -rf's all the necessary folders/files. It does the job just fine.

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Has anyone come up with a script to uninstall Webex via a script that can run before the installer for the new version of Webex runs?