Units forgetting to connect to wifi at login screen

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Hey everyone,

This is a weird one. Our iMacs and Macbook Airs connect and authenticate to our wifi network at the login screen. I've configured both the iMac and Airs in a similar manner and they use the same profiles. The iMacs continue to connect, but the Airs after restoring and a subsequent restart will then lose/forget to be connected to the wifi network to authenticate.

The profile will still say to "Use as a Login Window Configuration", but the dropdown of it connecting at the login window has just vanished.

The image is built with 10.11.5. I've rebuilt the image a few times and have tried deploying the configuration profile both as being baked into the image, and over the JSS. It's the same behavior through both. If I make the master as a Time Machine backup, and then restore that to a unit and bind to AD, it's able to work normally.

Has anyone ran into something like this?


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I've noticed similar behavior with our MacBook Airs of various years and OSes. 90% of the time the MBAs (running 10.9, 10.10, and 10.11) will wait until after you get logged in and are sitting at the desktop before finally connecting to WiFi. We don't have that problem with any of the MacBook Pros.