Update Ubuntu to 20.04 without updating mysql to 8.0.30

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I would like to upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS but do-release-upgrade forces me to prior install all updates for my current release. I hold back the mysql update because of the issues from Jamf 10.41 with mysql 8.0.30 using apt-mark hold mysql*.

Any suggestions how to get to Ubuntu 20.04 and leave mysql on version 8.0.29?


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When I had to downgrade mysql on two of my Jamf Pro servers prior to upgrading to 10.41, I needed to run these commands after doing the downgrade to prevent mysql from automatically upgrading:

sudo apt-mark hold mysql-server
sudo apt-mark hold mysql-common
sudo apt-mark hold mysql-server-core-*
sudo apt-mark hold mysql-client-core-*

I wonder if running these commands on your server will stop the upgrade from happening when you update to Ubuntu 20.04. You could test this by creating a VM running an older version of Ubuntu with mysql 8.0.29. Run these commands and then upgrade to 20.04 then check the version of mysql by running this command: mysql -V

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Starting sudo do-release-upgrade will result in the message "Please install all available updates for your release before upgrading".

Prior to this I held back those mysql updates and installed all other updates.

Is there any way to force the release upgrade without checking of uninstalled updates?

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The following seems to work on RHEL 7.9

yum -x 'mysql*' update