Updated SIS Importer and JSS-to-JSS Plug-in Now Available

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New Contributor II

In addition to the release of Casper Suite 9.93, an updated SIS Importer and JSS-to-JSS Plug-in are available for download. The updated SIS Importer 1.32 and JSS-to-JSS Plug-in 1.22 now include a new version of the JSS Conduit that contains important fixes for product issues.

What’s new:
· Compatibility and support for Tomcat 8.0.36 and Casper Suite 9.93.
· Fixed a product issue that prevented exports from being scheduled for some education customers.

The SIS Importer and JSS-to-JSS Plug-in downloads are available on JAMF Nation:
· Download the SIS Importer from JAMF Nation by searching “SIS Importer” in the Third Party Products library.
· Download the JSS-to-JSS Plug-in under “My Assets” on JAMF Nation.

If you have questions about this release or anything else, please do not hesitate to reach out.


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I am logged in and do not see JSS-to-JSS Plug-in under My Assets. Please help. Thanks.

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It's not there for me either.

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I also do not see it. I need this ASAP. We have students on 8/23/16

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New Contributor III

Hi Everyone

Thanks for the follow up. The SIS Importer can be found on JAMF Nation Under More >> Third Party Products >> S >> SIS Importer.

I hope this helps and sorry for any confusion!

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We are still chasing the JSS-to-JSS Plug-in. We are merging two databases shortly and this would be of great help.