Updating iOS devices with bulk remote commands take a lot of horsepower?


I've noticed that if you do a mass-action command to upgrade iOS devices (say 10k), the DB load increases a LOT for the next couple of days. My guess why this happens is because devices are locked and Schedule OS update is sent over and over. Or the OSupdatestatus command is instead sent over and over since the devices don't actually update for some time as the users don't explicitly do the update when prompted or the device remains locked for a few days.

I'm assuming the increased load comes from that JAMF needs to keep track of all these devices until they update. But isn't there a smarter way to do this? For instance, why does it need to send the Schedule OS update over and over? Why does JAMF need to send OSupdatestatus over and over, especially since JAMF pro doesn't do anything with the data collected?

Just thinking that this flow could and should be optimized as it is currently a bad idea to use for a larger number of devices. Any dev for JAMF pro that has any input on these thoughts?



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