Updating other applications other than OSX

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We have a small iMac lab for students. When doing monthly patching I attempted to use Casper Remote and it would barely update OSX, failed to update other applications pushed through casper, and never saw or touched applications like MS Office, Firefox, Adobe Acrobat, etc.

Must I go to every computer to update these other applications missed or is there a better way?


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I'm confused. You're using Casper Remote to do updates to applications? If so, why? That is best left to policies, whether automated or thru the Self Service Mac application.

Beyond that reference, your post is a bit vague on what you are actually doing and using, so maybe you can post back with some more details on how you've tried to do this, so we can make some recommendations.

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When you say "failed to update", what exactly happened? Do you have policies that you applied which update those applications? Casper Remote is basically just the tool to apply the policies - it isn't clear from your message exactly what happened.

Ex: You can use one policy to run "software update" which updates OS X.

Ideally, you have other policies for each application, which install the packages for them that you've prepared and uploaded via Casper Admin. We don't work on a monthly schedule here, but you could easily set that up to simply apply them on a given date, and not even need to use Casper Remote.