Updating Patch Management packages automatically



my current Patch Management Workflow is to upload the newest version of an app as soon as an update is rolled out. I am doing this for Chrome, Firefox and all Office apps.

Over the holidays I ran into the problem that there were new versions released and I was not in the office to update them.

Does someone know of a way to automatically upload new versions into the patch management definitions and apply them? How do you guys manage this?

I think that I am maybe just missing an important point...

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Depends on the app, I know for Chrome/ FireFox/ Adobe we have scripts that keep our software updated automatically. Instead of constantly having to repackage.

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From Autopkg GitHub: "AutoPkg is an automation framework for macOS software packaging and distribution, oriented towards the tasks one would normally perform manually to prepare third-party software for mass deployment to managed clients."

This should do exactly what you need.

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I'm working on moving away from Munki to Jamf and JSS exclusively. We currently have Autopkg running on our Munki instance, and I've looked into JSSImporter. However, after reading through the Wiki I saw this:

JSSImporter's goal is to allow you to, with AutoPkg, automate the drudgery of managing a testing workflow. It is not meant to deploy software straight to production machines. It is not meant as a way to bootstrap all of a JSS's policies.

I'm going to stick with making Patch Management work, and updating Policies for App deployment whether in JSS or silent install.