Updating via Jamf remote commands

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Can anyone tell me if this action updates macOS to Big Sur if it's on Catalina or is it going to update to the latest minor update? The description that Jamf states isn't clear to me.



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It will never update to a newer OS, always the latest build of the current OS.

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That makes sense to me but I didn't want to make any assumptions. Thanks.

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: On computers with Apple silicon (i.e., M1 chip), users may be prompted to authenticate before an update can be installed. There are additional requirements for computers with Apple silicon if you want the update to be installed automatically without user authentication:

Bootstrap token for target computers escrowed with Jamf Pro

The Allow remote management of kernel extensions and automatic software updates option enabled in the Startup Security Utility (in macOS Recovery)
For more information about how to enable this setting, see Change startup disk security settings on a Mac with Apple silicon from Apple's support website.
Alternatively, enrolling computers with Jamf Pro via a PreStage enrollment can automatically enable this setting.

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@user-mIMlqRwrOE Thanks for that. I was not aware of this.