Updating wording on login window configuration profile

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Hi, i need to update the wording on the login window configuation profile that we have deployed to our machines. Before i do, anyone have any experience doing this? I assume its simple and the change should take affect, but wondering if there is anything i should look out for or could really mess things up. 


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Does that configuration profile change anything else other than the Login Window? 

Are you only changing the wording of the Banner

Is this an older configuration file, has it been in use unchanged for several major OS versions? 

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The configuration profile only has the login window payload configured, along with the text I want to update, it is just a minor working change, a few characters that I need to change. Within the login window payload, there is various items checked and set. 


It is an older configuration profile scoped to a smart group. 

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I agree with dlondon that scoping to a small group of test machines is best practice. 

The reason I asked what I asked was: 

If the configuration profile included anything else, it is important to remember that when replacing a configuration profile, there is a second where the last profile is removed before the new one takes effect. For me, that once meant that all my machines disconnected from the wifi defined in the wifi payload, and then could not reconnect. Man that was stupid of me. :) 

If you only change banner and nothing else, the risk is small. Banner isn't connected to any other settings, so there is little risk of chain effects. 

If you are editing an older profile, sometimes even if you just update part of the profile, other portions of the profile will have been updated, and will send a slightly different configuration that can have unexpected results. If the configuration has been changed several times, but only sent out to NEWLY registered devices, you may inadvertently send out ALL changes to all devices when you make this change. 

But that's just my own learnings from bad experiences. :) 

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Hi @auser the best way to satisfy yourself is clone the original configuration profile and scope it to a test machine that isn't in scope of the other configuration profile.  If the main configuration profile is scoped to all machines, put the test machine in the exclusion tab. 

Now you can play around with the cloned configuration profile and the test machine as much as you want until you are happy with the results

But to directly answer your question - there is a limit on how much text can be displayed and then it is a scroll window which visually isn't great so I try and keep my message short.