Upgrade Path to 10.7.1 from 9.97.1482356336

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We are needing to upgrade our JAMF instance from 9.97.1482356336 to the latest 10.7.1

Is there an upgrade path that I should be following?

I found this article that says I need to upgrade to 10.0.0 first.

But, then when reading other discussions, they were able to upgrade directly to versions like 10.5, etc.

Also, this is first time I've upgraded JAMF. Is there any recommended documentation I should be reading in preparation?



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FWIW we went straight from v9.98 to v10.3.0 without any issue.

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Ditto. I went from v9.96 to 10.3.1 without any issues. And I took my Dev box from 9.96 to 10.4.1 without any issue (and then from 10.4.1 to 10.7.1 without any issue).

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Do what JAMF suggests in the article to 10.0 first. The amount of time it takes to do the incremental upgrades is minimal.

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@mikesmithwsu I would advise great care be taken with the upgrade from Jamf Pro 9.97 to 10.x, as we encountered numerous issues during our upgrade. Fortunately we were able to work through each, however, it required not only assistance from Jamf Support but also our "dismantling" of the process to understand what was being attempted when the errors occurred and manually executing these tasks in some instances.

Obviously the use of your Jamf Pro environment, as well as the platform from which it is hosted greatly impacts the upgrade. However, in our instance each step of the workflow errored to some extent.

If you have premium support, I would suggest engaging Jamf during your upgrade so that they may advise each step of the way. If not, I would suggest at a minimum to engage your CSS to advise as to "what can and potentially will go wrong?". Also, ensure that you maintain a backup of every aspect of your Jamf Pro environment (database, webapp, service settings i.e. my.cnf, etc.)

Lastly, despite the success reported by others in this thread, I would encourage you to take a "stepped" upgrade approach. Based on guidance we have received and our own observations, I would suggest going from 9.97 --> 10.0 --> 10.3 --> 10.7.1. This may be deemed by some as unnecessary, however, again, this was based off of our observations of changes to the framework.

Good luck 👍🏻