Upgrade to 8.52 to 9.22

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Are there any issues with going from 8.52 to 9.22.

(I have asked about skipping steps earlier, but what about a big jump like this.)


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I went from 8.64 to 9.22 a couple weeks back without any notable issues. I definitely recommend building a JSS on another similar box (same OS version, MySQL, Java), restoring a current database backup, and upgrading it (with some test systems enrolled before and after for testing).

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I went from 8.64 to 9.22 and there are currently two issues to be aware of that we are working on. 1. configuration profiles will not currently deploy an 802.1x profile to a managed computer. 2. Self Service does not launch on 10.5 clients. I can dig up the defect numbers if you need them, but I can tell you the JAMF is aware of these two and are working to correct the issues.


Hi @Hiller][/url][/url.

I would recommend waiting for 9.23 which should be out fairly soon as there are some substantial bugs to be fixed in this minor release (ie the CUPS crash bug).

Furthermore, I would like to draw your attention to the "Before You Upgrade" section of the release notes and I would recommend you contact your JAMF account manager and ask for the latest defect report and check whether there are any published known issues that might affect your environment.

There is also a major behaviour change in extension attributes, as the "choose..." option (which we used as unset/none/default) is gone. You might want to consider voting for feature request #1674: Define Default Item for Pop-Up Menu Extension Attributes https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/featureRequest.html?id=1674.

Finally, I can only support what @alexjdale][/url][/url said: please create an identical test environment and test the upgrade several times. IMHO it is quite important that at least the versions of the Java Runtime, Tomcat and MySQL match exactly your production server.


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If you can wait, please test it on another box with 9.23 like what @alexjdale said. I upgrade our JSS from 8.71 to 9.22 and unlucky we encounter a timezone issue as we are in Asia/Hong Kong, the sorting of date/time totally messed up. And I have to fall backup to my old JSS 8.7x box.