Upgrading CUPS?

Contributor III

Is there a way to upgrade CUPS in macOS without having to move to a newer macOS version? It's been suggested that brew can do this but I tried that on my office Mac and it just seems to put it in a "side-by-side" configuration rather than switching over to the newer version.

We've run into an issue adding printers to Jamf Pro in our environment where we are still using High Sierra, but the way things are going on our support ticket it is looking like Jamf's eventual final response is going to be "you need to upgrade your OS as Apple changed something in CUPS and what you want to do works OK on the newest version".

We're not ready to upgrade to Catalina, so I was wondering if it would be possible to just upgrade the CUPS component to address the specific issue we're experiencing.

Dan Jackson (Senior ITServices Technician)
Long Road Sixth Form College
Cambridge, UK.