Upgrading to Monterey deletes/resets various settings

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Hello everyone - I am looking for some help. 


We have recently gotten a batch of new (M1) MacBooks to replace a bunch of older models, and they still came with Big Sur. Naturally we want them on the latest OS so we upgrade every one of them when setting them up. No big deal. 


However we also have a previous fleet of those very same M1 MacBook Air models that still run on Big Sur and are in use, so we either poke them to update remotely, or have the users do it. Now here's the issue: Upgrading from Big Sur to Monterey, even updating from 12.0.0 to 12.0.1, reliably removes all printers previously installed, resets browser settings previously made (including bookmarks), and in some cases removes the user account. 


On the new machines I can simply upgrade to Monterey before setting up the rest of the device, but with the devices already in use this would be a major issue I don't know how to get around. 

I've tried to troubleshoot this, but I can for the life of me not find any reports on line with a matching issue. 


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We are putting our new machines in DFU mode and using Apple Configurator to "Restore" them which upgrades to the latest OS version available. 


Thanks, but this doesn't look like a remote option. Doing that with some fifty MacBooks every time there's an OS update, a few of them overseas, doesn't really seem feasible.