Uploading to Jamf Cloud seems to be down... Cant Upload to Jamf Cloud.

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So last week or so, ive ben trying to upload a package or DMG around 10GB and it gets stuck at 100%, never faisl but also never finishes.  If i close the page and try again, it doesn't show that it was uploaded already.  And same thign happens, just gets stuck at 100%


I tried a 3GB package and it worked.

Support is nw saying there is a PI for 1GB or larger files?  Seriously bad enough AWS cant handle a 20GB Adobe package anymore.  Apple software is not known for small file sizes, why cant JAMF make this work? I as able to upload a 50GB package when we first got Jamf (yes always hosted, never on prem, DP as well.)

Is anybody else seeing this? 


I already checked my activation code so thats not it.

I dont see any other errors.



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How are you uploading? With large packages, I have had more success with uploading through Jamf Admin instead of the web interface

Jamf say to use the web interface.  Ill give Jamf Admin a try.

didn't work got the following error

Screen Shot 2021-08-30 at 3.54.35 PM.png

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Out of curiosity, is it an Adobe package?

No, Adobe is over 20GB...  I have 6 packages of Appel Loops with total of around 60GB to push and also MatLab which is about 11GB.

The Loops i guess i can further split into smaller packages and deploy like 20 of them lol

Seriously Jamf has major issue with these large files.  It has worked in the past, i have Adobe 2019 which was around d 22GB uploaded into Jamf Cloud form a couple years ago, i have a dmg with over 50GB of things for a professors curriculum from a few years ago uploaded as well.   SO this is all recent versions of Jamf Pro that have major issue.  I think it all started to go really down hill for us when they put s on an automatic upgrade cycle.  And now its nothing but issues.

The reason I was asking is I’ve had more success using AutoPkg recipes to upload Adobe products. In terms of loops, you may want to look into this 



Thats what I am using for Loops.  I am able to download over 700 packages, but to deploy them i was putting them into a DMG to deploy and then run a script to instal al packages in a folder, thast how i did it 2 years ago before covid.


As far as AutoPkg management doesn't want me using 3rd party tools to hook up to our Jamf environment (yeah i know stupid ) 

Maybe i can convince them this year, saying we can deploy new version of Adobe that way.  Right now i split Adobe into 2 large packages (we deploy the whole suite here). last i uploaded it was in July 2020 had to do 2 smaller packages since the whole suite was over 20GB limit.

Ill look into AutoPkg again since i do have to update the Adobe Versions and running RUM after install is taking an extra hour or two.