User Accounts,VPP and LDAP

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I'm trying to recreate some actions that we had in Apple' Profile Manager for iPad in JSS.

We are a college and make use of VPP to push apps to student's personal iPads during the semester. After the semester, we withdraw the apps so that we can reuse the apps during the next semester.

In Profile Manager, I simply assigned the apps to groups in our AD forest (via Open Directory pointing at our forest). I would then use PM to send an email invitation to the members of the group to participate. They would follow the link in the email, enter their AD credentials and all seemed to work well.

Now we are migrating the campus to JSS and I'm having issues with getting it to work. First of all, it seems that the students have to enroll their iPads either via an email or manually. This creates an User in JSS. They we have to have them accept their VPP invitation to get the apps to actually push. I would rather not have to have a two step process instead of the one needed in Profile Manager. Any way around this?

A second problem is our AD forest. There are separate domains for students and faculty/staff. Some students (student workers) will have accounts (with the same name) in both forests. If we have students enroll their iPads with their AD names, it defaults to their faculty/staff domain account. This happens even through we have the LDAP in JSS set to the root of the forest and can search for an AD name in JSS and see both accounts (student and faculty/staff).

Any ideas will be appreciated.

Paul Hons
Director. Office of Technology
College of Education
University of North Texas