User Certificate Deployment and Wifi Authentication

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Hello All,
I've gone through the Nation quite a while but I'm still a newbie so sorry for the mistakes early on :). Our problem is that we want to be able to authenticate the wifi with both computer and user certificate. It will authenticate with computer certificate when the user is logged off for not losing connection to JAMF and still receiving policies. But when the user logs in it will switch to user certificate authentication. So the problems we are dealing with are:
-Whilst deploying user certificate remotely the jamf manage account doesnt sees the logged in users kerberos ticket so the user certificate deployment fails.
-We cannot make the necessary identity preference managements again remotely for the user to authenticate with user certificate, it again fails.

We are currently deploying the system for El Capitan and Sierra Clients and running the latest Jamf. Our Certificate Authority is windows based and necessary templates are configured for both cases and this system runs perfectly for the Windows Machines.

Any thought, opinions are welcome and much appreciated. We are quite stuck here. Any concepts to take a look and investigate more will also do much for us.

Thanks in Advance,
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