User migration for re-"imaging" or to new computer

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I know I've used Rusty Myers' old scripts when we were using DeployStudio, but obviously DS is not longer really a thing with modern OSes.

I'm curious if anyone has any other way they're doing this. We're trying to make something where our techs could basically backup the user account on a machine to a network share, and then either restore to a new machine, or reinstall the existing machine and restore. Timemachine works, but it's slow since it's EVERYTHING. Migration assistant also has the risk of breaking enrollment via DEP if the tech forgets to uncheck some boxes.

So, anyone have anything that works well for them? I imagine you'd have to prompt for which user to backup, and then when restoring, you'd have to prompt for user to restore.

On restores, we'd probably just put the home folder files in place, then have the tech manually create the account in Users and Groups and have it use the existing folder. Obviously one issue is even with sudo anymore, some files/folders are unreadable. =/

Basically, we're looking for something equivalent to USMT on the Mac...