User's iPad deleting apps by itself without any prompting

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I have a student whose iPad just deletes apps without prompting. There are three specific apps, and they are the only apps that I have set to auto-install in Jamf. At first I just sent the Update Inventory command to her iPad, and the apps would start auto-installing again. After the third time in one day I tried a reset of all settings. It still continued so I did a DFU wipe on the iPad, but it still kept happening. The next thing I did was configure a whole new iPad. Sure enough she came to me this morning with the same problem. What could possibly be causing this?


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A likely cause is a change in your scoping. I assume you are deploying your apps to smart groups. If a device falls out of the smart group, it falls out of scope and loses its app.

Another possibility is app age-appropriate ratings. If you have them cranked up via a profile but deploy an app that isn't properly rated, it drops off...for instance YouTube is actually rated 17+. If you didn't know that and deployed it along with a profile blocking apps that are say 13 and above, that would cause this as well.

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I do deploy apps to smart groups. These three particular apps are assigned to the bulk "Students" smart group, which she is a part of. I have not changed or adjusted anything with that group in months.

I doubt age-appropriate rating has anything to do with it. We've deployed these same apps to children of the same ago for years but haven't seen this problem until now, and with only this one user.

I was wrong in my original post. Self Service also auto-deletes. Still, those are the only four apps I set to auto-install out of the hundreds of apps available. I set the first three I mentioned to just be available in Self Service to see what happens.

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Currently facing this issue, was there any solution?

I should mention this as well, This is happening to one user, with multiple devices. I DO NOT deploy using smart groups but with Config profiles. All the apps are set to auto install, are gone immediately. There are no records of it within the device info. I am also using Jamf Pro, which was I was brought aboard for, so I am unaware if there are limitations to my solution capabilities. I do not have much set up in terms of users besides in the Users and Location in device assignment I have put in the usernames. This seems to have generated users automatically, missing most of the other basic upkeep information.