Users are unable to log in to mobile account when offline

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We're using 9.81 and binding our Macs to AD using Centrify. I've been getting complaints of instances where users are unable to log into their machines when not connected to the LAN. No passwords will work. They're able to pass Filevault but they are unable to log onto the account after that. Sometimes they'll get in after repeat attempts with the known good and current password. More often, they have to come into the office and connect directly to the LAN where they have no issues getting in.

Has anyone seen this before?


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Try setting Filevault so it is not set to login automatically using the same credentials and see if it helps.
We had a few issues (although I think it relates to having WiFI authentication enabled) and this helped.

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Please contact [Centrify support](link and have them take a look. I work at Centrify and have seen lot of factors that could cause this.

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This sounds like "Create mobile account at login" is not checked within the directory utility.

Is this a new development or have your users always had issues?


Echoing @boanes, has something changed in your environment that might be triggering it? We are a Centrify site as well.