/users/Jamftemp being left on computer after imaging

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Only system has access to this folder, and I only just began to see this with 10.13.6 operating system.

I'm not sure what is creating it (well, other than the jamf agent) but I did not know the agent ran anything as jamftemp.

Inside the folder, the only files are:
/Library/Application Support/Quicklook/cloudthumbnails.db /Library/Application Support/Quicklook/cloudthumbnails.db-shm /Library/Application Support/Quicklook/cloudthumbnails.db-wal

I'm assuming the account went to delete itself but couldnt fully remove all the items before the system moved on. I can script delete this, but I was looking to see if others noticed it.


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The jamftemp account is the new adobetemp account, and the account is used to install first run stuff during imaging.

I too am seeing the folder being left behind. the jamf.log file says its removing the jamftemp user and folder, but the folder is being left behind. This was the 'easy' way we'd use to see if the machine was still imaging when imaging message wouldn't display. Now we have to actually check the log to see if it's removed that user account as the end of the imaging process.

Not sure if Jamf has this listed as a bug yet or not. :-