Using ADCS connector with a Citrix Netscaler as a reverse proxy.

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We are currently running a pilot of jamf Pro in a large AD environment and use AD certificates for authentication to our internal wifi network. I have successfully used a configuration profile with an AD Certificate payload to deliver the certificate to our macOS devices. Works well.

We are testing the ADCS connector using a Citrix Netscaler as a reverse proxy, and can't get it to work. Question:

Does anyone have any experience using a Netscaler as a reverse proxy for the ADCS connector? I've read all of KMerendaTFMC's great posts on using the F% just need some more specifics on the Netscaler.

If you do, I would to chat ;-)


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We are trying with both Azure APP proxy and netscaler, but can´t get it to work. Did you manage with your netscale solution?

What was your final solution to this challenge?