Using Jamf Pro and Protect to Monitor/Manage Mac Servers ?

New Contributor III

We run a number of servers on Mac hardware.  For example we run an email server, a file server, several FileMaker database servers, MySQL server, print server, Directory servers and several other servers.

I am thinking of enrolling these servers into Jamf Pro & Protect, primarily for inventory and security monitoring with Jamf Protect. Possibly also some light policy & profile management in addition.

I mostly see discussion about client installations here. Anybody see any red flags about installs on servers?


Contributor II

We run Jamf Pro & Jamf Protect on all our Macs.  We don't have any issues relating to either at the moment.  If there's anything you need different for your servers you can always scope them differently.

We don't have any heavy lifting servers on our Macs.  We do have a Mac at each location that uses the caching service in order to limit bandwidth going outside for Mac App Store installs.  Otherwise nothing more than that.