Using Recon.exe for windows side

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Hi All, looking for some feedback on Recon.exe

Are there folks using Recon.exe for the windows side to have a unified inventory?
I had done this at a previous position and it worked well.
What are the current limitations of recon on the windows side, or tricks, anything else?
We are looking at third party tools, some of which have iOS limitations...we were using Spiceworks but it is dog-slow and does weird stuff with the mac side
Using the JSS might be ideal, but in initial testing, recon.exe was very fussy (won't run if any external devices are attached?) and I think I heard not certified with Windows 8 or newer....
We're using SCCM for imaging, package deployment and updates on WIN side


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We used Spiceworks several years ago, but it doesn't scale well to the number of devices we have.