Using wild cards with the softwareupdate command

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Hi gang,

Did a search, but couldn't find anything about this. We're wanting to run the softwareupdate command to just install any available Safari updates.

Would using softwareupdate -i Safari* work at all? I don't have any spare Macs while we all WFH that need a Safari update to test :D

Back story is that we don't use Safari in our org, but want to keep it up to date without the users getting notified about updates to an app they don't use, so will just updated it the background. Happy for any other suggestions as well.


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If its just the nag you're trying to get rid of, just do softwareupdate --install Safari or softwareupdate --ignore Safari (block future nags). The wildcard is unneccessary because the commands only apply to apps.

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@larry_barrett Super, will give that a go. Thanks!