UX Feedback Request! Jamf Nation Phone Usage!

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I'm the user experience researcher at jamf and I'm hoping to talk with a some of you so that I can better understand how you use Jamf Nation from your phone. If you have 20-30 minutes available next Wednesday, April 4th I would love to chat with you!

You can schedule some time with me here!

If you can't make it to a session, go ahead and comment on a couple of my questions below. What are some common tasks that you accomplish or wish you could accomplish on Jamf Nation while using your phone? How often do you use your phone to accomplish tasks on Jamf Nation?

Thanks so much for your time!


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I've tagged you because you are frequent contributors on Jamf Nation! If you have time next Wednesday I'd really like to hear your thoughts.

@mm2270 @sdagley @martin @chris.kemp @emily @dan.snelson @mm2270 @donmontalvo @blackholemac @AVmcclint @bentoms @Look @bbot @sdagley @StoneMagnet @gachowski


I probably use my iPhone to browse JamfNation less than once per quarter. When I do, I only browse different discussion threads.

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@Amanda.Sandbeck Thanks for the invitation … my meeting has been confirmed.

(Would you also be interested in feedback on using Jamf Pro from an iPhone? One word: Challenging.)

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I don't think I have ever accessed JamfNation from my iPhone. I might have accessed it once or twice from my iPad, but that's it. If you still want to pick my brain, I'm open to it.


I would like to use my iPhone to read the forum. For instance right now it is showing there are 4 Comments to your post, but I can't tap on the "4 Comments" notifier (faux link) to read them. I must be missing something.

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Hi @Amanda.Sandbeck Thanks for the invitation.
I have occasionally accessed JamfNation from my phone. But this typically only happens if I see a thread come in to my email (I get individual posts on threads, so that means a lot of emails), and I want to respond to something, and I click the link to open to the thread.
I will say that posting from my phone is somewhat challenging. I will set up a meeting so we can discuss this a little further.

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@dan.snelson We can definitely discuss that as well!

@AVmcclint I would still like to chat with you if you have time!

@bainter If you have time on Wednesday to chat please schedule some time I'd really like to hear more about how this could be improved.

@bbot Do you feel that if the interaction on your phone and Jamf Nation was through an App on your phone that you would be inclined to use it more?

@mm2270 Looking forward to it!

General question, If there were an app for Jamf Nation, what value do you feel that would provide you?