Velociraptor deployment

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Hi, i am looking to deploy Velociraptor via Jamf and wanted to know if anyone had any experience with this? Deploying Clients :: Velociraptor - Digging deeper!

Curious what steps were taken to deploy it. 

Any help is appreciated. 



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Did you by anychance get an email from the other thread you asked information on?


I typed up a whole bunch of stuff and then somehow it was identified as spam and they deleted it!! SMH

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Looks like they restored my post, let me know if you have any more questions

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thanks for all the help. The problem I am running into with this is as follows. Putting it here in case someone can help. 

So I add the files in composer to /private/tmp/ and add the below post install script. I can see the machine gets the files in the folder when the policy is deployed but nothing else happens and the install does not work. 


Local on the machine, if I terminal into the folder and run the same command (minus the install path since I am in the directory already) it works. I then run the chmod command and it's fine. 

I must be missing something simple here. Hoping someone sees this and can help. 


## postinstall


sudo /private/tmp/velociraptor-v0.6.7-4-darwin-arm64 --config client.config.yaml service install
sudo chmod -R 755 /usr/local/sbin

exit 0		## Success
exit 1		## Failure