View Options in Casper Remote

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Is there a way to change the view options of Casper Remote? I want to see customized info on the main screen of casper remote.

By default, it shows Computer Name | User Name | Asset Tag | IP Address

Is there a way to change/customize this? I can't find it anywhere.

Thanks for all your help.


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Honored Contributor II

I've just had a quick look, it doesn't appear that you can change it.

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Unfortunately this is the case. No view customization options in Casper Remote. We don't use the app much, but when I do, I do wish I could change the columns that show up. I actually think there may be a feature request out there for that.

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Another thing I'd love to change is the dual-windows for this app. Why can't they put the connections in the bottom of the window (or side or wherever)? Drives me nuts having the connections window always popup over the main window (I move it to the side, but if you do something that requires a new window, it starts over again.

Seems to me it should be easy and simpler to use if it had but one window. Will continue searching to see if this has been requested previously.