VMWare Horizon Client 3.5.0 Packaging

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We have been using VMWare Horizon for a few years now to connect our MAC users to a VDI session. We have added a second connection server now and are trying to add it to the connection list but it is not applying correctly in the package.

Instead of getting the 2 connection servers that we configured during the Composer capture it isn't showing any and is blank.

Does anyone know what we might be doing wrong as this has worked until this version? Maybe a defaults write command to set it or something along those lines ?

Thanks, Jeff


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I wish I could assist you but I don't have 2 servers to connect for testing.

What I do have is the following information which was relevant for 3.4.1:

Located in ~/Library/Preferences/com.vmware.horizon.plist

Set the default broker

Set the default domain to authenticate with

Set USB Print Services as having been launched

Set the trusted servers

I was also able to create a custom configuration profile out of this so that it's always set for all users. I used MCXtoProfile but you can probably upload a plist as well to the JSS.